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Effects of Direct Enforcement WIM

A traffic case study shows there is a significant difference between planning road maintenance with…

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Effects of Section Speed Enforcement

There is a typical course of number of speeding drivers after starting to enforce desired behavior…

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Long-term Cooperation with Sprint S.A.

In 2015, first one of 29 CAMEA speed enforcement systems was installed by Polish company Sprint.…

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Monitoring and Protecting Bridges Using WIM

In the context of the recent tragic incident in Genova, the topic of bridge conditions suddenly…

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Noisy Speeding: Impact of Speed on Noise Level

The World Health Organization ranks traffic noise second among environmental threats to public…

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In May 2019, 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion takes place in Prague, Czech Republic.…

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CAMEA Exhibiting at Doroga Kazan 2018

Between 16th and 18th October, CAMEA exhibited at a major Russian transportation event.

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Acquiring WIM: Locating a Site

Weigh-In-Motion is the best solution for protecting roads. There are certain things to consider…

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