CAMEA solutions can help many people around the world, both in their professional and personal lives. The experience of 24 years of hard work is worth sharing through business partners to improve transportation and industry worldwide.

4 continents

23 countries

1000+ monitored traffic

40 %employees
in development

Intelligent solutions in transportation and industry. Since 1995.

In 1995, CAMEA was founded by a group of technical university researchers. Since then, the company has provided thousands of applications in image, signal and real-time processing, embedded computing and HW/SW development.


1st camera-only system for Red Light Enforcement produced


1st certified Section Speed Enforcement in the Czech Republic and Poland


Loop based speed enforcement certified


1st WIM in the world certified for Direct Enforcement application (for the Czech Republic)


Direct Enforcement WIM certified in Russia


CAMEA is pleased that the success of doing business on 4 continents is significant enough that there is a necessity to move the headquarters into a larger facility.

600+ lanes


300+ lanes

Speed Enforcement

70+ stations

WIM Direct Enforcement

100+ lanes

Red Light Enforcement

5.5 Soccer pitches

Of material monitored each minute with Web Inspection

339 Km

Of material monitored each hour with Web Inspection

CAMEA Expertise
Best Solution to user needs

To ensure complete user satisfaction, the CAMEA ecosystem provides complex, reliable, accurate and available traffic data using state-of-the-art products along with expert installation and continuous support.

High-end Products

High-end Products

Continuous development of key technologies provides first-class and innovative products to satisfy the user’s needs.

Expert Installation

Complex Data

The back office collects high quality data for quality management, road infrastructure and budget planning or enforcement.

CAMEA Ecosystem
Expert Installation

Expert Installation

Expert approach to installation by certified workers ensures high system reliability and accuracy.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

The monitoring center provides a high degree of availability through continuous support.


CAMEA is a holder of the ISO 9001 certificate. Some of our ITS products are type approved and can therefore be used for enforcement.

ISO 9001

Customer satisfaction with quality of CAMEA products is the focal point of the company. Continuous improvement is crucial, therefore all key technologies are constantly being developed.

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Weigh-In-Motion (RU)

Type Approval (6,947 Kb)


Weigh-In-Motion (CZ)

Type Approval (4,292 Kb)


Section Speed Enforcement (SK)

Type Approval (1,675 Kb)


Section Speed Enforcement (CZ)

Type Approval (1,641 Kb)