Why should we buy from CAMEA instead of another supplier?


CAMEA uses certified devices, components, materials, of the best quality in order to provide maximum durability over time with minimum maintenance.


Electronics, algorithms, software, are conceived, designed, made by CAMEA in order to have complete control of the whole system, so we can offer fine tuning totally in line with the variability of the conditions of the installation sites and customer customization requests.


Update plan and remote support, monitoring, diagnosis, together with on-site maintenance, provided by certified partners trained by CAMEA, make our systems always operational over time after the installation.


Each particular system is scalable, it can be a part of a network of other systems connected to each other for global monitoring. Over time, individual components and functions can be added and integrated into a single system without the need to replace the rest of the electronics.

How long is the warranty period?

CAMEA offers a one-year warranty on all system components.

It is possible to extend this period to two or more years, according to specific agreements.

For more information, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

What is the expected service life of the products?

CAMEA aims to produce the best possible quality of its products. It is difficult, or even impossible to determine the life cycle of the provided technology/systems because the ones that have been deployed and are still in operation.

Such great longevity is also achieved through update plans and service agreements.

CAMEA guarantees replacement of components with new ones with functions and quality the same or better than that of the replaced ones.

What does it mean that CAMEA solutions are turnkey?

All system components are tested, configured, tuned and equipped with the necessary engines and SW before delivery, in order to be ready for physical installation on site, under direct or remote CAMEA supervision.

Who takes care of the installations and preparations for the installations?

This is in the competence CAMEA's business partners who provide all the necessary infrastructure, authorizations, staff for carrying out the work on site.

Especially the first installations take place under direct supervision of CAMEA experts, with the aim of training the staff and the business partner himself.

In this way the business partner will be able to organize and have the activities carried out independently for the times following the first installations and if necessary, with the support of CAMEA (this time remotely).

To improve our cooperation, we usually invite the partners for a series of further training at the company's headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic.

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