Valuable traffic stats based on vehicle counting and classification

Information about traffic is essential for correct infrastructure construction and maintenance planning. CAMEA classifiers
provide high quality traffic data and statistics using inductive loops and various pressure sensors.


Tools used for traffic classification are selected with respect to required data. CAMEA systems are scalable, enabling to raise complexity or accuracy by adding functionalities.

STANDARD Classification

Magnetic Profile

Inductive loops represent a long existing and well verified technology. Installed in the road pavement, they detect the metal mass passing over. The outcome of the measurement is the magnetic profile of the vehicle. Based on the profile, the vehicle can be classified.

  • 9+1 classes
  • User defined schemes
  • Vehicle speed
  • Headway
  • Vehicle gap
  • Average speed
  • Lane occupancy
  • Modular scalable HW/SW platform
Advanced Classification

Magnetic Profile & Axle Detection

Axle detection is done by using a pressure sensor. Together with data from inductive loops, this enables recognising more vehicle classes.

Basic Specifications

  • up to 200 classes
  • User defined schemes
  • Vehicle speed
  • Headway
  • Vehicle gap
  • Average speed
  • Lane occupancy
  • Axle count
  • Wheelbase
  • Modular scalable HW/SW platform
Highly Complex Traffic Data


The most sophisticated product from the field of intelligent transportation is the Weigh-In-Motion. CAMEA WIM can be used to determine the level of road damage and for active protection against it.

More about WIM

Customer Solutions

CAMEA team has a unique combination of ITS design expertise, OEM manufacturing know-how, R&D, custom design and proficiency across a variety of traffic and industry applications required to make your next project a success.


This approach consists in providing fully-featured solutions. The services range from civil engineering, component delivery, system installation and integration, staff training to maintenance and post-installation support by CAMEA directly or through authorized partners.


Custom Design

This may include integration of components from various vendors or custom SW and HW implementations and modifications such as country-specific legislation issues, communication protocols or custom GUI.



CAMEA’s products can be provided as components to resellers or system integrators who are in need of specific parts. Selling of such products under the business partner’s brand is possible.

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