Experience with Enforcement Systems: CAMEA's Strengths

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CAMEA began its existence with enforcement systems (red light violations, speed measurement) and still remains to be a provider of the most applied WIM system for direct enforcement. This history and some unique projects combining various technologies taught us many specifics that other manufacturers could not come across.


An Offense System from the Very Beginning

The Weigh-In-Motion means weighing vehicles at full speed with no negative impact on traffic fluency. As the most complex of all the systems, it is the best example of utilizing unique experience with direct enforcement. Our solution is not merely a measurement system - it is primarily an offense system. That means it has been shaped by occurring problems with offenders. Their natural reaction to finding out that traffic rules are controlled is to think of a way to avoid paying fines.

Both the measurement electronics and evaluation SW have been designed for direct enforcement from the beginning - to weigh with high accuracy and great reliability, with high-quality offense documentation and data security.

Addressing Customers' Needs and Making Frequent Adjustments

We continuously improve and shape the system to the customers’ needs based on everyday operation, legislation requirements, etc. It is possible to adjust classification schemes of vehicles, to adapt violation limits, export data in required formats and so on. Regular and extra updates are available to customers who pay for the update plan. These updates reflect the newest functionalities, improvements and adjustments according to the legislation that changes quite often in some countries.

Providing All Key Technologies and Wide Range of System Outputs

An integration of components across ITS technologies can improve system outcome and proving offenses. Read more in these articles:

Experience with Dimension Enforcement.

Traffic Classification Technologies.

There is a belief in outsourcing of the necessary minimum - CAMEA produces all key technologies. Therefore, it is able to adapt them according to customer’s requirements.

With the WIM complexity, an output of the system can be used for various purposes outside the primary reason to deploy the technology:

  • Traffic classification,
  • Toll control,
  • Identification of dangerous-goods transports (recognition of ADR tables),
  • Measurement of distances between vehicles,
  • Line traffic control,
  • Cumulative load and wear of the road (ESAL),
  • Police search (registration marks, vehicle type, etc.),
  • Traffic statistics and planning,
  • Development of road infrastructure and more.

Effects of Direct Enforcement WIM

Lower damage to infrastructure

80 %

Significant number of violation drop in the first months

4 years

Extended road lifespan


One overloaded truck causes as much damage to the roads as almost 28,000 passenger cars. Weigh-In-Motion by CAMEA represents a solution to this by monitoring and eliminating such trucks. In addition, it contributes to traffic fluency and road safety.

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