ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier)

Blog Smart Camera System

The camera system by CAMEA can be, together with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) used for automatic reading of ADR labels which is particularly useful in tunnels.


Multifunctional Camera System

A superior quality of cameras developed and made in CAMEA enables a large variety of traffic applications depending on the used software. The software for reading ADR labels complements the ANPR software and automatically recognizes signs placed on vehicles which transport dangerous goods.


A great spot to make use of this solution is a tunnel entrance. In case of a traffic accident, fire can be involved. If a vehicle carrying easily ignited materials is inside the tunnel, this information is available, including detailed specification of the substance the vehicle carries. The fire department then acts accordingly.

CAMEA commonly equips Weigh-In-Motion stations with the software for ADR reading in order to provide users with maximum available information about passing heavy vehicles. Any installation of traffic cameras can be used for this purpose if it meets necessary parameters defined by CAMEA experts.