Long-term Cooperation with Sprint S.A.

Success Story Control de velocidad

In 2015, first one of 29 CAMEA speed enforcement systems was installed by Polish company Sprint. The technology has been performing as desired, without any malfunctions. According to Mariusz Kołkowski, sales manager at Sprint S.A., the project has been very successful.


Sprint S.A. has been a leading IT system integrator since 1988, specializing in intelligent transportation systems and security solutions.

After past cooperation with Sprint S.A. on red-light enforcement, CAMEA made a deal to provide 3 section speed enforcement stations. That was the first project, later followed by a larger one. In 2015, an installation of 29 two or three lane section speed measurement systems began. 

CAMEA provided originally manufactured cameras, cables, a processing unit, a CPU, a power supply, a switch; to be professionally installed by Sprint employees, creating the section speed enforcement system with following specifications.

  1. Speed Range: 1 - 250 km/h
  2. Accuracy: ±3 km/h (v < 100 km/h), ±3 % (v ≥ 100 km/h)
  3. Section Length Range: 100 m – 10 km

“The task of installing the 29 section speed control systems was completed by our company together with our partners from Czech company CAMEA in 2015. The systems were delivered and installed timely and our customer - Główny Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego (GITD) - is very satisfied with the functioning of the devices, because they improve safety on long sections of roads, and not only point-wise, like traditional radars. GITD is planning to buy more devices in the upcoming years.”

Mariusz Kołkowski, sales manager (Sprint S.A.)