CAMEA at III International Weigh-In-Motion Workshop

2020/01/14 News

As a member of ISWIM, CAMEA have its representative to make a presentation within a workshop in Brazil’s capital (4 - 5 December 2019). The company is a major sponsor of the whole event and will welcome visitors at its booth.


In Brazil, CAMEA is represented by the company FLV. Fabio Viviani, FLV director, will be attending the
III International Workshop - New Models of Vehicle’s Weigh-In-Motion and be joined by the representative of the CAMEA team who will make a presentation. The presentation will be a part of a special session reserved for the ISWIM - International Society for Weigh-In-Motion - and is called In-the-Field Experience with Weigh-In-Motion.

CAMEA is recognized as a company with rich experience with various WIM applications - for statistics collection, for pre-selection, for direct enforcement. The presentation will cover enforcement applications in particular as the company’s experience with implementations of such systems is unique.

Attending the workshop is particularly interesting for manufacturers, vendors and users of WIM, including policy makers and agencies responsible for traffic data analysis, road infrastructure construction and maintenance, and many others. The visitors can expect a series of expert talks, company presentations and various meetings. CAMEA company is pleased to announce it is one of the major sponsors of the event. You are sincerely invited to visit the event and to meet the CAMEA representatives at the booth in the trade show area.

Visit the event’s official page to register. It is free! Contact FLV if you need help with anything regarding the ITS in Brazil.