Решение проблемы повреждения дорог путем мониторинга и обнаружения перегруженных транспортных средств

Решения для клиентов


Система “ПОД КЛЮЧ”

CAMEA предоставляет широкий спектр услуг, начиная от гражданского строительства, поставки отдельных компонентов, установки и интеграции системы, обучения обслуживающего персонала, предоставления технической поддержки со стороны CAMEA или авторизированных партнеров и заканчивая готовыми решениями “под ключ”. Решение CAMEA “под ключ” – это гарантия приобретения полнофункциональной системы, не требующей дополнительных разработок.


Индивидуальный дизайн проекта

Индивидуальный дизайн проекта включает в себя интеграцию компонентов от различных поставщиков оборудования, модификацию SW и HW в соответствии с государственным законодательством страны установки, модификацию протоколов связи и пользовательского интерфейса в соответствии с требованиями клиентов.



CAMEA является оригинальным производителем оборудования. Продукты CAMEA могут быть использованы с целью перепродажи и интеграции в другие системы. Возможна продажа продукции под брендом делового партнера.

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Camea deployed the most WIM direct enforcement stations in the world

500+ lanes

Weight In Motion

300+ lanes


60+ stations


100+ lanes


5.5 Soccer pitches

of material monitored each minute with WEB INSPECTION

339 Km

of material monitored each hour with WEB INSPECTION

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Best effects of CAMEA WIM


Better Road Quality

Heavy vehicles are the most significant factor in damaging roads. Making sure they are loaded properly is key for road preservation.


Fluent Traffic

Weighing in motion helps eliminate problems of long queuing on weigh stations and slow heavy vehicles influencing traffic flow.


Better Road Safety

Together with integrated speed enforcement, weighing trucks shortens the potential braking distance of large vehicles.


All measurements are done at normal traffic speeds, so complete vehicle weighing (wheels, axles, gross) can be performed without any traffic flow disturbances.



The statistics application provides traffic data such as vehicle count, high number of vehicle classes or axle width. Unlike traffic counters and classifiers, road stress is not estimated, but based on actual weighing (ESAL). Overloaded vehicles are the ones causing the most damage, which means detecting them is the key to proper infrastructure planning and maintenance management.



Some situations call for highly precise weighing of vehicles on a static or low-speed scale. The pre-selection application enables to check the vehicle number and to pick the potentially overloaded truck to be further measured. Therefore, all vehicles are controlled and no time-wasting queues appear.



The most advanced solution provides precise weighing, accurate traffic data collection and classification. Multi-lane bi-directional free flow monitoring allows weighing trucks at full speed. Costs go down - no static scale has to be built, no staff has to be employed. Overloaded trucks are penalized by sending a bill, traffic fluency is not harmed at all.

Basic specification

Basic specification

  • Traffic monitoring, vehicle counting and traffic classification
  • Camera system including ANPR
  • Speed enforcement
  • Weighing trucks moving at high speed
  • Dual tire detection
  • 3D vehicle measurement
  • Sensor type independence including piezoelectric, strain gauge or optic sensors

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All measurements are done at normal traffic speeds, so complete vehicle weighing (wheels, axles, gross) can be performed without any traffic flow disturbances.